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The Devil Saw me with my head down and thought he'd won Until I said AMEN!

Today, what started as a small conference, has turned into an unmissable gathering for truth, knowledge, and solutions.

The Truth is Out There
"Knowledge is Everything." - In order to fix a problem you have to 'know' what the problem is. This conference will give you that knowledge and much more. Hosea 4:6 says, 'My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.' If we are to have an awakening we must be awake. If you want to 'know' the 'truth,' and it is a shocking truth; then you must come to this conference.

This endeavor is not to make money; it is a mission to save our nation by saving our children. We do this by enlightening Christian men and women as to how America has turned from a Christian, capitalist nation to an almost godless, Marxist nation. We will also show you how the evil left has exploited our children in this drastic shift.

There is currently no cost for this workshop; our goal is only to spread this knowledge. We will even supply coffee and breakfast as well as lunch. Jesus loves the little children, and we must do the same.

Please attend one of our conferences and be part of the solution.

Conference Responses

Here are the amazing responses from those who have attended the conference.

The Truth is Out There

What's New?

The day after the conference, continue learning with one of our expert trainers. Places are limited – first come, first served!