When you walk from the light into the darkness, you are unable to function.

After a few minutes you adjust to the darkness; is this what you want for our children?

Then after you have adjusted you learned to function in the darkness; finally, you do not even realize how dark it actually is.

This is where America is today!!

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Welcome to the Most Important Conference You Will EVER Attend

The mission for Christ’s Avengers is to enlighten Christians regarding what is currently taking place in America and our public schools, so that our children will learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes, to give them a better opportunity to be successful, not only in school, but in life as well.

Our vision is that Christian parents are experiencing delight in their relationship with their children, and their children’s moral and intellectual development.

Most importantly, until our public schools cease to be a breeding ground for evil, we must remove our Christian children and begin to Homeschool. Homeschooling is not difficult; does not require higher education; and most significantly does not require permission. We can show you how.

The ultimate goal of The Christ’s Avengers is to have Christians help shape our communities and nation. We will encourage, promote’ and inspire Evangelical Christians to be involved in the world around us, specifically America.

When we find Christian men and women who decide to run for a political office, we need to have an organization to guide them. Christian Avengers will be able to provide that guidance, by advising them what political office would be their best opportunity, and to direct them in how to run their campaign.

Approximately 80% of our children attend our public schools. With that number and realizing what these children learn in those public schools will greatly influence their adult life, Evangelical Christians must reclaim our schools.

Once reclaimed, we will restore our public education system into what our Founding Fathers intended. Our current system spends more time on raising children rather than on academics. They are indoctrinating our children to be progressives and rely on the government.

The methods we use to teach reading, mathematics, and history are incorrect, deceptive, and dysfunctional. Rather than teaching our children discernment, and disciplined thinking skills, they condition them to be dependent on others to form their ideas and convictions.

What We Offer

The Truth, Knowledge, and Solutions!!

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Attendees have described what they have learned from this conference as unbelievable, eye-opening, and unnerving. They believe Christian’s who love God and this country MUST, beyond a shadow of a doubt, attend this conference.
Breakfast and Lunch Included
We believe this conference is so important for every Christian, and we want all of you to have the opportunity to attend. This is why we are including lunch and breakfast in the cost of the conference.
Coffee Breaks with Unlimited Coffee
It is hard to focus on an empty stomach. So, as well as no cost breakfast and lunch; unlimited coffee is also a part of this exceptional, enlightening experience.
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Genesis Expo will take place at the iconic street food venue Hawker House.

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Today, what started as a small conference, has turned into an unmissable gathering for truth, knowledge, and solutions.